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Places You Probably Neglect During Your Office Cleanup

Most Commonly Missed Cleaning Areas in the Office

You may take great delight in having a tidy, well-kept office, but is it the case? Many locations in the office could be missed during office cleanup or even forgotten about, which would greatly reduce the office’s overall sanitization and cleanliness.¬†These locations may not be evident to you, a person who frequents the workplace and may have become accustomed to them, but they may be readily apparent to guests and visitors who visit the business less frequently, which can leave a negative impression on them.¬†What, then, are these locations?

Kitchen and Break Room

Working in an office makes it easy for the kitchen and break room to become neglected. Staff members could forget to clean their dishes after using them or to wipe down counters, and let’s not even get started on cleaning out expired food from the refrigerator and cupboards. Setting a weekly deadline for when staff members must consume or take food they store at work and cleaning the entire area more frequently than once per month are the best solutions. Also, make sure to wipe down the handle and the inside of the microwave.

Ceiling Tiles

Although ceiling tiles are a typical feature in many businesses, they are sometimes neglected. The rough texture of the tiles tends to attract a lot of dust even though people rarely look up when they are working. Also, ceiling tiles near vents are vulnerable to developing black stains.


It is frequently disregarded since it is so far away from your line of sight. But if you lean over and get closer, you might be surprised by what’s developing down there! Perhaps a little dusting will make it clean once more. Schedule time each week or month for dusting. But, you might have to get down on your hands and knees if it’s dirtier and perhaps a touch worn from years of use. In any other case, use a wet rag to clean up and a dry rag to remove any remaining moisture from the wood.

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